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Topic-icon Gritting teeth - chewing hard, risking "bones growing in the mouth"

Bone marrow or bone spurs in SLOTXO the mouth Found in some people, the cause of the occurrence is unclear. It can be caused by genetics, race, gender, age, and is often associated with large amounts of mastication, such as having a habit of clenching teeth during the day. or clenched teeth at night
Dr. Ketsanee Koonthaweesup, Department of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, explains that this oral lump will gradually grow up slowly gradually with age therefore not found in children But it usually begins to be found at a young age. The oral cavity has an irregular shape in each person. It is hard, the surface is covered with pink gums that look like other gums in the mouth. It doesn't cause any pain. make the patient unconscious If the nodule is not large They can be found in different areas of the mouth, including:

Torus palatinus, a bony knob in the ceiling It is a bony protrusion, usually located in the center of the hard palate in the mouth. There are different sizes. It may be a single lump or several lumps together, making it look like kaffir lime skin.
Torus mandibularis, a bony protrusion in the lower jaw Found in the gingival ridge on the tongue side of the lower jaw. can be found both left and right It is located next to the canine teeth into the back.
Exostosis, rough bony bumps It can be found in the area of ​​the gums on the side of the cheeks around the jaws.
Since the bony gland does not cause any symptoms, patients tend to notice or be aware when the bony is large enough. causing the patient to worry Some people come to the dentist because they are afraid of oral cancer. but actually This benign cyst does not cause any serious harm. On radiographic examination, it is found that a lump or lump is growing out of normal bone. No lesions or other abnormalities were found, so no treatment was needed. Except in some cases, there are indications that require treatment.

The bone marrow is so large that it interferes with eating. There are food scraps stuck in the nooks and crannies of the bone buttons. difficult to clean Affects oral health care of patients causing accumulation and accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity cause bad breath or in some patients causing speech problems
The tissue that covers the bony prominence is often wounded. or chronic ulcers from eating or brushing teeth to bump into that area often
The orthodontist has determined that the bony protrusion interferes with dentures. Because the base of the denture has to pass through this bony part. If you put dentures over the bone button It can cause pressure, pain, and chronic wounds.
For the treatment methods include surgery to remove the bone marrow button. considered a minor surgery This can usually be done with local anesthesia. But after surgery, bone node may regenerate slowly as before. Therefore, dentists consider surgery only in patients with indications. If the patient has a bony proliferation and is in doubt about the need for treatment Able to consult a dentist for further examination and treatment planning

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