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Topic-icon Prominent Cambridge students call for renaming of library in connection with col

AGENT - 200 Cambridge SLOTXO University students have signed an open letter calling for the Seeley Historical Library, named after a prominent British history professor who supported the idea of ​​imperial colonization. England

Russian media RT reported today (Nov 9) that Professor John Robert Seeley, born in 1834, was known for his work from "Expansion of England" (The Expansion of England) that argues against British colonialism. “In the best interests of India,” Seeley is a well-known historian and political analyst advocating reforming the education system and opening the doors to universities for women.

and the Cambridge University Library named after him. Seeley Historical Library in honor of Professor Seeley However, despite the liberal views of the day, some 200 Cambridge University students recently signed an open letter calling for the Sealy Historical Library to be renamed. Cambridge Jersey, pointing out that The name of the library is associated with colonialism.

Previously, the Cambridge Historical Society changed its name from the Seeley History Society to the Christian Historical Society. College (Christ's College History Society)

In the students' open letter, the reason why This was due to Seeley's view of the apparent support of British imperialism.

“For a long time, celebrities such as Sealey had their reputations deteriorated because of metaphysical liberal beliefs such as supporting or accepting elite women into universities.”

The open letter also states that by allowing the Library to continue to bear its name and to continue to see Sealey as a central figure of historical neutrality, it could prove that the logic of imperialism and the Colonialism continues to be the center of the university worldview.

However, Robert Poll from the Save Our Statues group commented on Twitter: Seeley was born nearly 200 years ago, raising the question of why some would want to oppose the views and attitudes of important historical figures.

And in addition, some Twitter users pointed out that It was a mistake that gave too much weight to the opinions of the 200 students' petition and said that if these people didn't like it, they should leave.

RT reports that Cambridge is not the first to be attacked over the name change because a group of academics recently called for the names of buildings and classrooms at Imperial College to be named after a person. important for example Anthropologist Thomas Henry Huxley also withdrew a number of monuments to create a truly inclusive organization.

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