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Topic-icon Report shows that Kim Jong Un told the North Korean people "Eat less" Pyongyang'

AGENT/Reuters - Pyongyang recently SLOTXO ordered the starving North Koreans to eat less until 2025, citing less chance of reopening their borders. North Korea's ambassador to China met with former state minister and former Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiaqi in Beijing on Thursday. Oct) Claims to strengthen relations

Washington Examiner US media reported today (Oct. 28) that Pyongyang is telling its starving citizens to eat less in the coming years.

In early 2020, Pyongyang issued an order to close its borders with China amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It said it was very unlikely that North Korea would reopen its borders before 2025. The situation, along with trade restrictions, has left 25 million North Koreans, many of them without food in their daily lives. The days are already starvation due to rising food prices. According to North Korean sources told Radio Free Asia.

After the Pyongyang government ordered the people to prepare for the near-term hardships. North Korean people said If this is the case, they cannot get through the coming winter.

“Two weeks ago they told the community watchdog at the meeting that Our food emergency situation will persist until 2025 because officials predict a low probability of reopening the trade border between North Korea and China before 2025.” Yju (Sinuiju) is the capital city of North Pyeongan Province. On the Chinese border opposite the Chinese city of Dandon, he gave an interview with Radio Free Asia on Oct. 21.

An unnamed source said. “The food situation at this time is a real emergency. And people are struggling with severe shortages. And when officials order them to save and eat less until 2025 ... they can do nothing but become more despairing.”

A source at Radio Free Asia further stated that “Distrust and dissatisfaction with the authorities is growing among the people because at the meeting these people are telling us to reduce the amount of food we eat and try to tighten our belts more than ever.”

North Korean sources said. “Some people say that the current situation is so severe that they don't know how they can get through the coming winter. These people told us to live through hardships until the year. 2025 at least it's like telling us to starve to death.”

Radio Free Asia reports that Unlike other countries around the world, North Korean officials are portraying to people in their own country that Pyongyang has successfully handled the COVID-19 crisis.

by the second source, a villager in Hoeyrong The northeastern border city with a population of about 150,000 said, “They said at the meeting that the epidemic situation in other countries is very bad. The number of daily deaths related to COVID-19 has skyrocketed around the world.” “But the people did not believe in the officials' explanations,” and pointed out that “no matter how difficult the situation is, where else in the world will there be more people going through more hardships than us?”

North Korean people have criticized the government for not doing anything to address the food shortage crisis, focusing on saving food, possibly because “Supreme Leader, President Kim Jung Eun probably still does not realize how dire the food crisis situation is,” said a second source, who could not be named.

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