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Topic-icon Taking too many "painkillers" can increase the risk of "headaches".

believe it or not Painkillers that we take xo wallet on a regular basis and think it's safe There shouldn't be a problem. In fact, if you eat too much It has a side effect that can cause headaches as well.
Dr. Prakit Anukulwittaya, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, said that taking too many painkillers This can result in headaches.

Headaches from overuse of painkillers
Medical overuse headaches are caused by the overuse of pain relievers to relieve headaches. As a result, the patient had more severe headaches later in the period. and the frequency of headaches is almost daily.

Patients may have headaches for more than 3 months, especially those with a history of using paracetamol painkillers. or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for more than 15 days/month, or a history of ergotamine, thriptan, or opioid analgesics for more than 10 days/month

Headaches from overuse of painkillers
Headaches will increase in frequency. with longer use of the drug
Painkillers are less effective. I used to eat and the pain was gone, the pain was not gone
Headaches occur after the painkillers wear off.
The patient will need an increased dose of painkillers.
Patients may also experience headaches while sleeping. Due to lack of medication during bedtime and causing headaches
How to Prevent Headaches from Overusing Painkillers
Stop or reduce the dosage of the overdose of painkillers.
lifestyle adjustments, such as getting enough sleep exercise regularly Reduce stress or triggering factors that cause headaches.
In patients with existing headaches such as migraine headaches should consult a doctor to determine appropriate medication and headache prevention

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