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Topic-icon How to follow "news" without being too "stressful"

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Local events must be closely monitored. But the more you follow the news, the more stressful. How to maintain a balance not to miss the news but not too stressed?
Psychiatric Association of Thailand Identify the mental effects of following the news of the country's situation as follows:

Uncertain events do not know which way to go. causing a feeling of insecurity in the heart It provokes a lot of negative thoughts. It can create feelings of extreme anxiety or in interpersonal relationships. If the person closest to you is on the opposite side of us We don't see him being afraid of quarrels. I'm afraid that he won't be okay with us. If they see each other, they can be worried.

Protracted events cannot find a solution. evokes a strong sense of despair It can make you feel discouraged and depressed. Especially if someone is directly affected by a political event, such as a career, it can greatly increase the level of feelings of sadness and depression. because there is a survival effect

From hatred or resentment towards the other party that we disagree with the idea, or from the disappointment of those whom we have high hopes for. And he was hopeless. These things caused anger. until they have violent behaviors such as words, facial expressions, or hurt each other until they are injured

from the uncertainty of the event There are periods of violence that are difficult to control and cannot be relied upon. Making feelings of insecurity in life can arouse fear.

The situation was urgent and full of anticipation of victory. I want every voice to show the people's power to support them. And the opposition made some people feel guilty for not doing what their side demanded, such as a demonstration. As a result, I felt that I had wronged my friends, my lover, my family. even to a nation that did not do as they had expected.

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