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Topic-icon Believe it or not? Just like running or cycling. Swimming can help you lose weig

Many people believe If you want SLOTXO to lose weight effectively You need to do cardio exercises to burn fat, such as aerobics, running or cycling. that burns fat to see results Now when asked about the sport of swimming Who is interested in choosing a sport to lose weight? Many people shook their heads. While many people seem confused and ask, does swimming help you lose weight? If so, you don't have enough information on how swimming can help you lose weight. Let's read this article. Then you may change your mind about jumping into the pool to lose weight.

Swimming is a combination of cardio and muscle training.
Article by Women's Health interviewing swim coaches. Swimming is a good choice for people who want a cardio workout. Because swimming is a sport that helps burn fat as well. and is a sport that can be played by all genders and ages At the same time it helps to exercise every muscle of the body. It strengthens the heart muscle. above all When you're in the pool, the "water" supports up to 90 percent of your body weight, which is good for your knees. and the ankles of those who are heavy

Swimming can definitely help you lose weight. Because it is a sport that combines cardio exercise with building strong and toned muscles. in each stroke when you enter the pool Your heart will pump blood. And burn calories in the body while swimming against pressure in the water. This will increase the strength of your muscles at the same time.

Can swimming help you lose weight?
Of course, if you swim regularly (not swim), you will definitely lose weight. At the same time, it will help with heart rate. and make the muscles firmer and stronger Because swimming is an exercise in all proportions of the body. Each swim uses different muscles. of various bodies

Now let's take a look at how much swimming can help you lose weight. If your weight is 56 kg and you swim 30 minutes a day in freestyle You can burn up to 330 calories if you swim with the butterflies. Will be able to burn up to 330 calories as well. Rowing burns 240 calories while rowing burns 300 calories.

But if you are over 56 kg, swimming for 30 minutes will help burn fat. For example, 83 kg swims half an hour in a row. Freestyle burns 488 calories, butterfly stroke burns 488 calories, frog burns 355 calories, and backstroke burns 440 calories, which are the calories you swim. There are numbers similar to running or cycling ever. (from the American Council of Exercise comparison table)

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