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Topic-icon Challenge for the new German chancellor Olaf Scholz

16 years after Germany's Social Which camp slots are easy to break, real pay, no cheating
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Which camp slots are easy to break in SLOTXO 2020 good entertainment center Democratic Party (SPD) leader Olaf Schölz was sworn in as the new Chancellor of Germany, 16 years have officially ended. It's not just the head of the Berlin Federal Government that oversees internal affairs. But it also plays an important role as Germany is like the EU's "big brother", a key ally in NATO and the leading industrialized nations (G7).

The coming of a “traffic light government” from the first merger of three political parties under Scholz. This was a major shift not only for Germany. but also the European Union amid challenges both in the country and in the region

The urgent problem is The fourth wave of coronavirus in Germany, when Scholz sat as Finance Minister during the Merkel government He is responsible for overseeing an emergency budget of 750 billion euros to help businesses and workers survive.

But a new challenge awaits: “vaccination rates” that are still lower than in regional countries like Spain, Denmark or Belgium, governments must force hardwoods to force people to vaccinate. Issued lockdown measures for those who refused to vaccinate specifically, leading to protests in many large cities.

The economy was the toughest challenge Scholz had to face. Germany is facing worrying economic trends due to a number of factors. The latest data show that Monthly industrial orders Oct. Decreased more than analysts expected. In addition, the problem of supply chain shortage of microchips. It is still a bottleneck to the automobile industry. Inflation hit 6% last month. The highest since the early 1990s, experts believe it may take a long time to return to pre-epidemic levels.

Renewable energy is another challenge. Scholz aims to phase out coal by 2030, eight years earlier than Merkel's original plan, supporting the elimination of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Support 15 million electric cars on the roads in Germany by the end of the decade.

Even experts question whether Germany as an industrial nation What if all coal and nuclear power plants were shut down? Germany needs to build a large number of wind turbines, solar cells and gas plants to replace them, meaning the manufacturing and residential sectors could face power shortages and rising electricity prices. Both these renewable energies must have enough, a basic level of power supply that will not disrupt industrial growth.

“NATO-Russia-USA” is a complex and challenging foreign triangle recently. The US has threatened economic sanctions against Moscow. if invasion of Ukraine Germany relies on Russian gas power. In particular, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project that the United States sees if Germany or the EU imports gas from Russia. equals a strong economic connection with Russia The gas pipe story continues to crack in the government. The Green Party has always objected. Opposite of supporting SPD

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