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Topic-icon Mazda develops automatic parking system Driver's heart attack

Mazda aims to develop a driver SLOTXO assistant system. It can detect if the driver has health problems. with safe emergency parking

On November 5, 2021, Japanese media reported that in the past, cars were developed to be able to park themselves. Warn the driver when falling asleep turn back the correct lane Or even suggest a route to the destination, but next year Mazda will develop cars in Japan to be more capable. to be able to detect that the person sitting behind the wheel Are you in a stroke or heart attack?

By 2025, Mazda vehicles will be able to detect that The driver is experiencing sudden health problems. Then the car will alarm the driver.

Mazda said that what makes the car recognize the driver is having a problem is the camera inside the car. without the need for sensors or any other technology. Cars with this capability are sold at affordable prices. And it's not only available in luxury models.

Mazda told reporters that the company recently worked with medical experts. This includes the University of Tsukuba Hospital. in the search for image data to check what a healthy driver looks like. Compared to a driver who can't take care of himself, who suddenly collapses on the steering wheel.

when the problem is detected driver assistant system which does not yet have an official name The car will be parked in a safe spot, such as a curb, as quickly as possible.

In addition, the car will honk the horn with turn signals and emergency lights. before reporting an emergency to the ambulance and the police.

Other major automakers include Germany's Volkswagen and Japan's Toyota. which is a competitor Both are developing similar technologies.

Mazda plans to introduce the technology in Europe after its Japanese debut. As for plans to launch in the US, it will have to wait to be considered. Because there are still questions about social acceptance. Even competitors have already introduced a similar stopping system in the US.

Mazda Reveals Privacy Concerns Confirm that personal information will not leak out of the car.

Takahiro Toshioka, the engineer in charge of the system, said Mazda was looking for ways to predict potential health problems. Although drivers may not be aware that they have complications.

Toshioka said that the things the car detects were looking, shaking his head, and other unusual ways of driving. including some other small changes

“The car will warn the driver before the actual symptoms occur. But understanding and cooperation from motorists is essential to how this technology works,” the engineer said.

Mazda hopes the Japanese will see drivers with health problems. and rushed to help them. Because the Japanese have good intentions for others.

Toshioka said the technology would allow people to drive for the rest of their lives. It also helps family and friends worry no more.

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