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Topic-icon World Society : Understanding the Weather

Antonio Guterres, UN SLOTXO Secretary-General It said recently that half of humanity now lives in dangerous areas, and that a third of the world's population, mostly in underdeveloped countries. and a developed state that is a small island which the alarm system does not cover these areas

Today, there are five times more climate-related disasters than in the 1970s, with droughts, floods, heatwaves and storms taking the lives of the world, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). More than 2 million and causing losses of more than $3.64 trillion (about 121.76 trillion baht) since 1970.

WMO Secretary-General Pettary Talas said the outlook for the situation was expected to worsen. due to the effects of rising global temperatures Therefore, it is necessary to invest an additional 1.5 billion US dollars (about 50,174.25 million baht) within the next 5 years for the preparation of severe weather warning systems. and future disasters

However, so far there is no definitive information. How much has the UN allocated the total budget for these projects? But some have already been announced. At the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, last month Nov last year

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