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Topic-icon The angry young man ordered the TV to send to his mother. The employee leaned ag

Young South SLOTXO Korean men must be upset. Order a TV online and have it delivered to your mother's home. but had to be upset When the company sends a picture of a successful delivery

South Korean news site Reveals a report on issues that are being criticized on social media. When a young man named Mr. A (fictional name) posted a story. expressing dissatisfaction with the delivery staff After bringing the product as a big screen TV to be delivered to the door.

Mr A said he had just received a bonus from the company. So decided to replace the old TV in the house for his mother. He ordered the TV for 500,000 won (about 13,600 baht) online and was determined to install it himself. A few days later, Mr A received a picture of the delivery along with a message that the parcel had arrived. He was very surprised. when seeing the delivery It shows a large TV leaning against the front door.

Mr. A continued, “You can put it against the wall next to it, but put it like that. How to open the door to open the door TV will be damaged. It's really too much.”

Mr. A complained to the customer service center immediately. and the company sent a message saying “We will check and get back to you by 5pm the next day.” “There is no room for a TV. So leave it like that."

Mr. A then shared the story and asked other people's opinions online. “I'll let you decide if there really is no space or not.” Soon after, it became the subject of discussion. many netizens Different people came to comment, for example, "You can put it on the wall. But why put it in front of the door?", "It's like it's intentional", "Or get angry because you ordered something heavy".

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