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What is a hangover or hangover?
Hangovers are caused by the body drinking too much alcohol. Drinking in excess of alcohol reduces the absorption of vitamins and minerals. to cause the body to excrete waste in the form of urine That often excrete important substances such as vitamin B, magnesium, potassium as well. When excreted, it causes congestion of aldehyde substances that affect the reduction of blood sugar. interfere with melatonin function When reduced, causing headaches to come up there. Another reason that many people may not know is that alcohol stimulates inflammation, causing various symptoms as well.

The most common hangovers
heart palpitations
feel dry
feel exhausted

How to cure a hangover
drink plenty of plain water to prevent dehydration
eat banana Bananas help prevent dehydration. It helps to coat the shift because food makes it absorb less alcohol.
Eat the B-complex vitamins in the form of effervescent tablets will be easily absorbed
Choose to eat hot food.
One thing you should know after drinking If you have a headache, don't take medication for immediate relief. because the body has a large amount of alcohol accumulated Drug interactions with alcohol can cause liver damage. Still drinking enough Don't spoil your health and be careful with your safety.

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