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Topic-icon I was shocked to find the value of 'cakeage' over 5 thousand baht!!!

I was SLOTXO shocked to find the value of 'cakeage' over 5 thousand baht!!!
Before doing anything, if you are not sure, 'ask' first.

Make sure it's really 'good'.

If you don't believe me, check out this true story.

The true story of Ivor Baddeal, a 59-year-old British man in London.

I just came across it and shared it with the netizens.

Ivor tweeted in early April that He and 11 other friends

invited to have lunch at a restaurant

and intends to 'buy a cake' to have a Happy Birthday in this shop as well

And really lucky that Ivor asked the shop first that

He intended to bring his own birthday cake.

The shop said 'yes', but you have to pay to bring the cake from outside to eat in the shop.

10 pounds per person (about 44 baht), a total of 12 people is 120 pounds, about 5,280 baht.

So this event ended 'happy' when Ivor and his friends

Decided to eat 'dessert' at the shop instead of the birthday cake.

It's good to 'ask' first.

Otherwise 12 people may have to ask each other. Who will pay?

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