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Topic-icon Sri Lanka declares a state of emergency After the people's uprising, the governm

Sri Lanka declares a state of SLOTXO emergency After protesters stormed the president's home demanding his resignation The reason for dissatisfaction with the mismanagement of the country until facing the worst economic crisis since gaining independence

On April 2, 2022, foreign news agencies reported that The Sri Lankan government declared a nationwide state of emergency late Friday (April 1) after hundreds of people protested. in the midst of the worst economic crisis since British independence in 1984.

Sri Lanka, home to some 22 million people, is facing a serious economic crisis. until it escalated into an energy crisis This is because the government does not have enough foreign currency to import diesel. which is the energy needed for transportation and generating electricity in the country As a result, diesel fuel shortages across the country. Transport must be interrupted. The government has to announce the cuts of electricity for up to 13 hours a day.

The result of the crisis causing a shortage of basic goods And many essential items have increased their prices. The government has used a solution to the problem by issuing measures to limit purchases to allocate enough to meet demand. causing trouble for a wide range of people until dissatisfied people began to gather around the country to protest.

The decision to declare a state of emergency was made. After the protests began to intensify. Hundreds of demonstrators tried to storm the home of President Cotababa Rajapaksa to demand his resignation. The bus was set on fire. until a clash between the officials and the protesters

President Rajapaksa stated that The declaration of this state of emergency It is for the benefit of public security. protect public order and maintain the stability of the supply chain and necessary services

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