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Topic-icon US FDA approved the use 'Virtual technology' helps reduce back pain

The US Food and Drug Administration SLOTXO (FDA) has approved the use of virtual reality technology to help reduce low back pain. After testing on patients, it was found that the technology was able to reduce symptoms. According to Reuters

The FDA said on Tuesday (Nov. 16) it had approved the use of a device called EaseVRx, an integrated augmented reality technology. applied to behavioral therapy and other methods related to help reduce lower back pain And the approval will allow users to treat back pain with the device at home.

The device, called EaseVRx, consists of a set of VR glasses. control device and a breathing detector used for breathing exercises. by treating back pain with VR technology The device must be used continuously 56 times, each 2-16 minutes, totaling a treatment period of 8 weeks. Based on the test on 179 patients, 65% of the test subjects felt their pain was reduced by more than 30%.

The developer of back pain relief software Applied VR is in the process of developing a VR device. for treating symptoms including panic and general pain relief and last year A small group of studies have shown that the use of VR technology It may help reduce pain before childbirth.

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