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The rocket crashed in the SLOTXO city of Lvue. Western Ukraine on Saturday (March 26) signaled the possibility of a new front in Russian offensive operations. As US President Joe Biden criticized President Vladimir Putin's stay in power and sought to strengthen Europe for a long fight.

Fierce battles in many areas It indicates there will be no quick shake-up in a month-long war, while Biden has described the fight as part of the historic battle for democratic freedom. In a speech from Poland The end of a European tour with the aim of strengthening Western solidarity.

"Damn, this man shouldn't be in power any longer," Biden said in Warsaw. However, one White House official later clarified that the US president had not called for a change of government. but just say "It cannot allow Putin to exercise power over neighboring countries or regions."

The Kremlin responded to Biden's comments, saying: "It was not Biden's decision. The President of Russia is elected by the Russian people."

After more than four weeks of fighting, Russia continues to fail to capture any of the major Ukrainian cities. And the conflict has claimed thousands of lives, with some 3.8 million people fleeing the country. and pushing more than 500,000 children to migrate According to the United Nations

Moscow signaled on Friday it was downgrading its military ambitions. It focuses on territories claimed by separatist rebels backed by Moscow. in the eastern part of Ukraine

However, on Saturday (March 26) four rockets crashed in the suburbs of Lvue. About 60 kilometers from the Polish border, it appears to be the first time since Moscow launched an offensive. after the past The western Ukrainian city has survived heavy bombing and fighting that devastated other towns near the Russian border.

The district governor, Maksim Kozyskiy, said five people were injured and villagers had been told to seek shelter. After being attacked in the early afternoon Eyewitnesses told Reuters they saw clouds of smoke rising from the northeastern side of the city. And Mayor Lvue said an oil storage facility was attacked.

Ukrainian officials later reported another series of attacks. Damage to Lviv's infrastructure But so far there have been no reports of deaths.

Ukrainian forces captured the village of Slavutish. which is the residence of the retired Chernobyl nuclear power plant workers nearby. and 3 deaths

Slavutish is located on the outskirts of what is known as the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. At the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster in 1986, Ukrainian officials are still working at Chernobyl. Russian forces stormed the plant shortly after the start of the invasion on February 24 and the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) expressed concerns about the situation. If unable to rotate workers

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