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Topic-icon Russia releases footage of a Zircon rocket Nuclear warhead mounted - hits London

The release of the clip is a wake-up SLOTXO call to Russian President Vladimir Putin's ability to use nuclear weapons against the West within moments. After Western countries put pressure on Russia over war in Ukraine

The report states that with a supersonic speed of 9 times that of a Zircon missile The rocket could travel from the White Sea to London. England in just 5 minutes

President Putin used to threaten The West will face unprecedented dire consequences if it uses military force against Russia's war in Ukraine. resulting in the United States And Western nations are reluctant to offer military assistance to Ukraine.

One of the measures was a call by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who wants the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to declare a no-fly zone over Kiev. But NATO insisted on denying it. Because it will allow NATO forces to fight directly with Russia.

same with US President Joe Biden Still adamant about sending American troops into Ukraine As a direct armed clash between the world's largest nuclear powers will lead the nation into World War III.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said Russia had succeeded in developing supersonic missile capabilities that are far superior to those of the West. And Russia plans to maintain that superiority.

The release of the clip came after the Russian Army's Northern Fleet launched a nuclear war drill. using submarines carrying nuclear warhead missiles and the same warhead missile launched from the ground in Feb. past

Worried about the potential of the Russian military include the Star Warrior weapon system, a ballistic missile capable of destroying satellites in orbit. can be equipped with an impact warhead or nuclear Including a laser weapon system that is a new Russian air defense system.

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