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Let address the elephant in the room: the Tuscaloosa community, the Crimson Tide, the Alabama fan base, and the entire fraternity of sports fans and writers lost one of our finest yesterday. Yes, the death of Cecil Hurt is an important story, so wee dedicated an entire story and thread to it over here, as well as our proposal to rename the press box at BDS in Cecil memory. But here, for Gump Day, we will leave you with the words that Nick Saban had about his friend that sum up just about everything that Cecil Hurt was as a man and a professional.Earning Nick Saban trust is no easy task, and there was nobody in the media that Saban trusted more than Cecil Hurt. On to the Gumping! record I never thought I would see again has been tied and as long as Saban is in town, looks to be shattered: With its win over Arkansas, the Tide equaled FSU dynastic mark of fourteen straight years with 10-plus wins. In this era of transfers, NIL, social media, 85-scholarships, and increased parity, that is simply astonishing. We are living witnesses to the greatest dynasty in college football history, and a strong contender for best sports dynasty in American history . Period.s expected, Alabama lost ground in the CFP rankings last night, as the Tide slipped from No. 2 to No. 3 as if that has any appreciable meaning for Alabama. The Tide road is clear: just keep winning. And, even if it suffers a setback in say the SEC title game, it may be really hard to keep ama out of the playoffs. That just the sort of year it is. (How weird is it? Cincinnati finally cracked the Top 4, the first for a Midmajor team...despite the fact that last year Bearcats probably beat this one by 7-10 points).For Ohio State, the stakes are significantly higher. Theye dismantled people down the stretch, and have a chance to knock off another Top 10 team this weekend, as well as a Top 12-15 team next Saturday. Might a one-loss Buckeyes squad even conceivably get the nod over a hypothetical undefeated Georgia squad? (I vote they should the East is a damned disaster).Yesterday, Josh hit on some counterfactuals re: a two-loss Alabama team making the playoffs . Ie firmly been in the camp that if you have two losses, without a conference title, let someone else have that spot. But other observers aren so sure. If there were any team(s) to test that notion, it would be Alabama and Ohio State this season, with whom it hard to make a case that there are four better squads. But let render that speculation moot and make America salty AF. Just keep winning, baby. labama Crimson Tide players have gotten the memo from corporate, this week talking point is e respect Auburn. That particularly true for the local guys, like Brian Robinson (and our own Brent Taylor), who despises The Barn (and you can tell), but sound all the right notes. There no point in giving a janky 6-5 Tigers team locker board material. Only someone as stupid as Arm Puntin Bo Nix would play the ammer Cheatin card the week of the Iron Bowl, and hilariously claim that SEC officials are in the tank for UA Quandarrius Robinson Jersey . Yes, an Auburn moron actually said that. ust a few of those controversial calls that were in that game raises some questions for sure, unless youe an Alabama fan. But that just part of the game, Nix said regarding Alabama win over Arkansas on Saturday.hat not going to change, no matter what ignore the fact that Alabama is actually in the middle of the pack for opponent penalties and penalty yards this season. And that alone is a reason to cheer if youe a UA fan. Why?Because Alabama consistently ranks in the bottom half of opponent penalties: youe not getting many flags called on you when you play the Tide. And for four straight years, Alabama was dead last in flags thrown against the opposing team and/or opponent penalty yardsThis jackass actually had the gall to say that after the 2019 Iron Bowl Christian Swann Jersey , a game he played in. But, sure, Alabama is the team getting the calls. ot all of those weird Iron Bowl losses can be blamed on Auburn Jesus or officiating, particularly on the road. As Saban said yesterday, Alabama has been its own worst enemy on the Plains. He won say it, but I will Minimize mistakes, and this game should be a laugher. ot sure if you caught the game, but Alabama opponent in the Battle for Seattle, the No. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs, absolutely demolished No. 5 UCLA, 83-63. And they were up by as many as 27 at one point. That is why Nate Oats is stressing that the goal of the Iona game is improvement and consistency, particularly on defense where the Tide has regressed a good bit from last year lockdown crew. think wee just gotta continue to get better, Oats said. thought Friday was the first time wee put two halves, both sides of the ball, together. Wee gonna have to do the same thing. We can pick and choose whether wee gonna be an offensive or defensive team. If you wanna be an elite team, youe gotta play both sides of the ball the entire we get a 40-minute effort out of everybody?

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