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How to prepare for AWA section on GMAT? | EducationAisle Blog

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section on GMAT is the only 'non-objective' section on GMAT. Test-takers normally believe that one has to write an 'essay'.

It is actually quiet misleading to state that GMAT requires you to write an essay. When you are given a normal essay with a given topic, you are supposed to take sides, in the sense that you express opinion either for the topic or against the topic. However, on GMAT, you are not supposed to be doing any of this.

Is Coaching needed for GMAT preparation? | EducationAisle Blog

Well there are no easy answers in life:). So, why should the answer to this question be any easier? To the best of our knowledge, there are no non-partisan studies, which conclusively show whether people who do self-study fare any better or worse in their GMAT preparation, than people who join coaching. It is really an issue that is very subjective.

Having said that, a bit of self-introspection on this topic might result in self-realization on whether you really need coaching for GMAT.

How to prepare for GMAT through Online Classes | EducationAisle Blog

Online classes are now no longer a novelty; however, online classes have witnessed a sudden spurt in interest recently, courtesy the current virus situation all across the world. In this article, we explore the two most prominent models of online learning available to students, and examine the advantages of each model. We conclude the article with our recommendation on the most productive model in online learning.

What is a good GMAT score

Well, let's spill the beans straight away: A score of 700+ (out of a maximum of 800) is considered a good GMAT score. Clearly this is not a news to most of you who are currently in the process of GMAT prepration and we realize that we are only stating the obvious. Statistically, the score of 700 represents the 88th percentile (Source: This means that only 12% of the test-takers worldwide, score 700 or above, on GMAT.

GMAT Preparation: Grammar rules for Sentence Correction

Students preparing for Sentence Correction on GMAT, often wonder how much English Grammar do they need to know as part of their GMAT preparation, to do well in Sentence Correction.

After all, the time that you have at hand, is limited and GMAT preparation is not just about Sentence Correction. So, you would want to only devote only as much time towards Sentence Correction, as is absolutely required. 

Let's first start with the basic question: where does English grammar come into the picture in sentence correction?

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